About Us

Moulded fibre protective packaging products and solutions

GoPulp is Estonian company and is engaged with the collection of waste paper and producing paper pulp products. We offer solutions according to your needs, starting from the design to the finished item. GoPulp has set a goal to be recognized as environment friendly band offering quality products.

Materials we use 100% recycled paper that is:

* biodegradable

* compostable

* kerosene free

* not releasing the combustion of toxic gases

GoPulp engaged in the manufacture of high-quality pulp products

Our passion is to produce environmentally-friendly packaging, and to develop solutions for a variety of paper products, without compromising quality. Using thermoforming technology enables us to produce a strong and high-quality items. The paper pulp goods are broadly used. GoPulp pressed products are much thinner and much stronger compared with EPS (foam plastic) products. Merchandise being so compact and stackable benefits of saving up to 70% in transport and storage costs.

  The main areas in which the paper pulp used:

* electronic

* catering

* medicine

* nursing Homes

* shoes

* horticulture

* pets


Cup holders and trays

Cup Holders, egg cartons and various food bases are the most widely known products made from recycled paper pulp. The main reason for the wide use is reasonable price, environmental friendliness and comfort, both for use when handling the product. Articles of paper pulp is suitable to use for freezing and also suitable for use in the microwave or in oven.         Paper pulp products can be used in the following fields of catering: * berry and fruit boxes and trays * pizza boxes and trays (suitable for freezing or heating) * egg boxes (vari..

Tray for mobile phones and tablets

Phones and tablet computers are used in almost every household and become a very important part of people’s everyday lives. In terms of sales is crucial to the quality of the product packaging and appearance. GoPulp manufacturers boxes and trays for mobile phones and tablet’s, making them specifically for the desired product, to ensure its best fit. We are using thermoforming technology to ensure a high-quality, environmentally-friendly and well presentable product. Trays, bases and boxes can be made in various colours.          &..

Electronic Component Packaging

Electronic product increasing growth in development is part in our way of life and becomes bigger part of everyday life. Most of electronics devices requires its own customised packaging. It is important to protect the equipment against impact and vibration. GoPulp offers the possibility of designing and preparing the suitable product. Packaging can be manufactured for electronic products or for electronic parts which is needed to be packed separately. Packings can be manufactured in different colours.   ..

Glass Protectors

Glass has been widely used for centuries as a part of everyday life. In order to avoid breakage of the glass, package has an essential part of the protection. Taking into account the environment, practicality and ease of use, then paper pulp packaging is one of the best possible solutions. GoPulp thermoformed product is thin, space-saving and shock resistant, environment friendly solution.                         ..