AEPPI - Association of Estonian Printing & Packaging Industry

Printing Industry in Estonia

The Estonian printing sector is a modernized industry as large investments have been made into it during the last decade. The sector’s capabilities meet the needs of the domestic market, and that is why exports make up about 40% of net turnover.

There are about 300 printing houses in Estonia, which are divided into four categories according to field of activity: periodical printing houses, book printing houses, labeling and packaging printing houses and advertising printing houses.

The joining of the European Union in May 2004 has encouraged and simplified foreign trade and communication. The export of Estonian printing industry has increased and this trend is still continuing.

Today, the largest markets are Norway, Sweden and Finland.

AEPPI (Association of Estonian Printing & Packaging Industry)

Association of Estonian Printing & Packaging Industry represents entrepreneurs in printing industry who are interested in maintaining a favorable business environment and advancing their business and cooperation.

Main activities of the Association:

  • Representing and protecting the interests of entrepreneurs
  • Representing members in government and policy formation
  • Developing Estonian business environment in printing industry
  • Developing and promoting skills oriented vocational education
  • Providing information and training for entrepreneurs
  • Settling disputes through its board of experts

In addition to having their voice heard in the Estonian economic policy, the membership of the AEPPI gives an entrepreneur a number of different benefits, such as:

  • A lot of useful and update information of the segment
  • Yearly training at bargain prices for the members
  • Information regarding international cooperation and queries
  • Various statistics about the printing sector in Estonia and abroad
  • Exchange of information regarding job offers, trainees from vocational school etc