ESTIKO is an enterprice group and its three main fields of activity are the manufacture of packages, packaging materials and real estate developement and property management

Estiko Plastar AS is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the Baltic region, holding the status of the market leader in Estonia and an essential market share in the other Baltic countries. About 50% of our production is successfully exported to all the nearby countries and we are working actively to steadily increase the percentage of export.

The experience gained over the years, the constant acquisition of information about the latest developments in the global packaging market and the continuing investments in human resources, technology and product research and development make us a professional, flexible and reliable partner both in the domestic and international markets.

We produce for FOOD industry, PEAT industry, CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL industry and other industries.

Also in standard sizes and colours:

• transparent, black and white films
• film with UV-protection
• yellow and red-and-white border tape
• shirt-bags, transparent packing bags and garbage bags

We also offer buckets, bowls, milk jugs, soap boxes, module mats, ventilation grids, grave vases, beaters, combs, rakes, lawn brooms and other plastic products in our well-known quality.

The retail and wholesale of these products proceeds through our contractual resellers who can also provide further information about each product.

Manager: Triin Anette Kaasik
Tehase 16 A 50107 Tartu

Phone :+372 7 308 340
Fax: +372 7 308 341