Technical processes and development

Today we use the most modern machinery in the printing industry which enables to offer a diverse range of possibilities in printing and finishing, everything inhouse.

We believe that printing business is all about constant improvement. Improvement in techniques, people and ofcourse machinery.

We put equal amount of effort in our employees’ training and high quality standards’ maintenance and development. We constantly observe our processes and if necessary conduct essential improvements. This means that the quality is continuously monitored during the whole production process and every member of our team gives the best of himself/herself to contribute to high standard printings.

We value our people, we are a family business with specialist doing their job with passion.


People, Experience and Craftsmanship

What is the recipe for a excellent printinghouse? We think it’s our people. They are highly trained specialists doing their job with a great amount of passion. We have created them the best working environment and conditions, to show that they are valued and appreciated. To improve our results on a regular basis and keep the products high quality, we daily instruct our employees, train them and together develop new products and try new possibilities.


The Environment

Our important goal at K-Print is always to protect the environment. We put a lot of effort to recycle as much production waste as possible on a daily basis. This means that today we recycle about 90% of the waste: our paper, printing plates, plastics and packaging is recycled and reproduced. But being environmentally friendly production does not mean only recycling, it also means minimazing the energy consumption. Therefore all the heat produced during the production processes is recovered through the ventilation. We can proudly say that your printings keep our facilities warm.

Our customers can always choose environmetally friendly solutions and include the FSC® and PEFC certificates to their printings.

Manager: Rein Rebane
K-Print OÜ
Värvi 7, Tallinn 10621

Phone: +372 6 272 570