AS Metaprint is a manufacturer of decorated metal containers. The company is based on Estonian capital.

The company has operated as an independent legal person since 1995, although we have more than a hundred years of uninterrupted manufacturing experience in the given field of activity.

We have now expanded into a company with almost 200 employees, who have the use of the most modern technologies in the given area.

We have duplicated all the most critical production processes with targeted investment and development activities.


Aerosol packaging is a type of packaging that is quickly gaining popularity. It is convenient packaging that dispenses its contents to the consumer by a valve being opened. Thus, this type of packaging is used in very different spheres of life.

Building chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, pesticides, cleaning agents, and many other products can all be packaged into aerosol containers with equal ease.

The advantages of three-piece steel aerosol containers are:

an excellent ability to protect the product;
attractive appearance, which is accentuated by a high-quality print;
environmental friendliness – containers are made of 100% recyclable material;
high pressure tolerance, which makes it uniquely suitable for many different products that cannot be placed in any other packaging.
… And naturally, it is very easy for the customer to use.


A good appearance is very important for packaging. High-quality printing provides an opportunity to emphasize this.
In addition to printing on aerosol containers, Metaprint also provides printing services for other metal packaging manufacturers.

Printing technology
We use traditional offset technology for printing, which gives a high-quality optical result.

Printing process
The printing process starts from preparation, which is based on the design material received from the customer. Printing preparation as a key process ensures a high-quality final result.

The full-digital computer-to-plate (CTP) preparation process used at Metaprint enables the customer’s design material to be processed without any loss of quality.

The combination of CTP technology and multi-coloured offset UV or Conventional printing technology guarantees a final result that corresponds to the customer’s expectations.

During the printing process, the colorimetric values of the product is routinely checked. Experienced printing specialists also evaluate the result visually.

Manager: Martti Lemendik
Suur-Sõjamäe 30, Tallinn
11415, Estonia

Phone: (+372) 6 177 850
fax: (+372) 6 177 851