Not just a printing house, but a team of dedicated people with will,
knowledge and means to offer our clients the best printing solutions!

Three whales from which we proceed in our activities:


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Each job is close cooperation with client for us.
We achieve best result through trustful relationship and mutual goals



We are always available, pursue to understand and support the wishes of the clients – listen and advise.
Every challenge is worth the effort.



Our experience, consideration and devotion to work guarantee the continuous quality printing service from our print house.

Printon AS was established in 2000 upon the initiative of the repro company K&O Service (KO Repro) and DD Publishing (DD Kirjastus). We started with one 4-colour offset printing machine in B1 format and outsourced most of aftertreatment works.

Printon AS has shown a lot of growth since 2000 – today we have two B1 size offset printing machines, HUV offset technology B2 machine and we do all the post-press ourselves.

During the year 2018 Printon AS has made significant investments into production. The investments include a new Heidelberg B1 5-colour offset printing machine and a lot of post-press machines to support the clients needs and introduce new technology.

In addition, to give our clients more flexibility in quantities and to provide better deadlines for books, Printon AS has invested in new inkjet technology and  purchased Canon Colorstream 6900 for 1+1 book printing. This means faster deadlines and better prices for smaller quantities.

Our main products are hardcover and softcover books, but we also make magazines, brochures, document covers, flyers, stickers, posters, leaflets, postcards and more…

For more detailed information about Printon AS and our capabilities, please visit us at and let us know, if we can be any help.   

Manager: Jaan Vainult
Peterburi tee 81, 11415 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Puh: +372 676 5100